If you’re using an existing web-based or server-based CRM, CMS or eCommerce platform, you may have decided that it no longer addresses your business or operational needs on its own. If you need a specific functionality added to your system that it currently doesn’t offer, we itified can help you to develop and implement them directly on your web.
The objective of our services is to develop strong web-based custom programming is to improve business results, Itified is designed to help improve topline growth (sales) through increased conversion rates of visitors and bottom-line growth through savings in labor, shipping, and productivity enhancements such as an integration of your central business systems and your web-based business assets like your eCommerce website.



One of the areas in which Itified focuses on is custom programming for importing data. This program helps to send your data from spreadsheets or other sources to display on your web site or conversely sending data from your web site to your accounting program, warehouse, or supplier. Because the data formats involved are always different, itified have introduce special custom programs to process and modify these data. We Integrate a third-party services and products, interactive elements on your web pages, or special processes and calculations that are tailored to your business model.


Are you using an eCommerce platform? like Shopify or Volusion, then you may to try our special integration service that simplifies your accounting, marketing, or fulfillment processes. These integrations were developed through XML, API among other similar connections that allow you to transfer data or convert it into a different format, this gives the flexibility for other system to picked up data’s (such as Amazon Seller).


Is your business facing little stagnation? Or is your business is poised for growth but no technology? and limition seems inevitable to your progress? we can help you out! We ready to help you resolve whatever technical issues you’re having, by reestablishing your online infrastructure, develop strong programs that optimize your web, enhance visibility on search engines and give you a strong foundation to grow on.

Custom Thank You Pages

Are you operating an ecommerce website? Then the custom Thank You Page displayed immediately after a user completes a transaction on your site it required. We helping you to develop this page will increase the usability of your site by increasing the level of engagement you have with your customers via newsletter sign up, social media buttons, user reviews, or via an automatically triggered custom email. This special page will increase the level conversions with a back to shopping buttons, up-sells and cross sales. Furthermore, this page can help to provide the user with valuable information about your company, the status of their order or information about their newly purchased product. Indeed, there is truly a endless possibilities with CUSTOM THANK YOU PAGES.