developing a tactical strategy intelligence for your business on vulnerability

Developing a TACTICAL STRATEGY INTELLIGENCE FOR your business, no vulnerability

Strategic intelligence and tactical planning differ in several ways. When these two great pillars of business are augmented with each other it great a more solid and fertile ground for any business to flourish. Considering strategic intelligence as the widescreen view and tactical intelligence as one or more close-up views. Business leaders may find it helpful to understand the importance in aligning the both in a business differences in terms of overall purpose and scope.

Tactical intelligence is designed to deal basically with the present challenge or new innovation to a product. Meanwhile the company’s strategy intelligence is designed to be the driving force of the company in other words the strategy of a business is the power house of that business I.e strategy intelligence controls the long- and short-time goal, activities, banding and financial status of the business.

Tactical planning is such an important part of a company’s strategic planning process that management consulting companies are often hired to assist companies in preparing tactical plans. A company usually begins with its objectives and then develops strategies for how to carry out their objectives. Tactical plans are the specific action steps necessary to get instant results.

Below are some ways you can remove vulnerabilities in your business through tactical strategy intelligence:


When starting up a business, one of the first things that comes to your mind is putting-up a team or a back-room staff. Yea, no big deal isn’t it? But as simple as it sounds, so it proves difficult to accomplish, deep thought is required strategy is needed in selecting your workers.

If you haven’t yet hired multiple employees, take considerable time to distinguish what you want in a work team. normally, you’ll hire people who share the same perspective of work or idea as you do and who get excited about your services. In this case, You should write out a job description for each key position and keep that handy during the hiring process. Also, invite other team members to participate in the interview process and weigh in on whom you’ll hire next.

Start by knowing what you’re looking for. reviewing your organizational chart, functions and personnel can help you identify gaps between your current talent and missing skills. Consider both short-term openings and long-term needs, factoring in how company expansion, personnel changes or industry developments might affect your needs. For instance.

As you identify areas that require personnel, consider your hiring options. Do you need a full-time staff member, part-time employee, ongoing vendor or project contractor? Each has its pros and cons. Full-time staff bring long-term experience and loyalty, but can increase expense. Part-time employees offer flexible pay and hours, but may get hired away, and can complicate your benefits and tax liabilities.

Choose your most applicable option. As a rule of thumb, assign full-time employees to your company’s core strengths, and use additional personnel to fill out peripheral duties.


All businesses have its strength and weakness, in the world of business, strengths differ in individual businesses same are there weakness. In this case Strategic intelligence is most regarded for this task, though Tactical intelligence might be required in feature to solve current problems, strategic intelligence give you a long-term and short-term perspective on what may befall the company, organization or any business (as the case maybe) in feature. To strengthen your business, you have to identify the weakness or vulnerability.

When you have successfully identified the whoa in your business, then fall back to the staff you have employed, make proper examination on who will be perfect in that aspect. You have to be careful in your selections having in mind that this is the most vulnerable path of your business, an experienced hand is most required for the task. This must be done with serious supervision and continues checks, remember this is your business weaker foot, it must be guided jealously.

On the other hand, your business strength needs to be placed under continuous check. Balancing work input have to be prominent to avoid uneven development in the strength and weakness chart. Tactical intelligence Is largely advisable in your approach to solving this problem since it has to be built upon always. New and improved characteristics have to be added to the pre-existing plans. Tactical decisions now enable decision-makers to implement tasks and initiatives to take advantage of current opportunities and to redirect resources, as needed.


Starting-up a business had never been an easy task, a lot have to be catered for but the most important thing is to know your marketing, target audience and the level of competitions involved. Many promising businesses often die off shortly after they kicked off this may be due to improper planning, low funding among numerous options, never the less majority of these sudden collapse comes as a result of the entrepreneur not understanding his or her market and failing to figure out target market. To understand these, much research has to be made to keep you on track. On completing this vigorous exercise, you will be able to distinguish were and were not to venture into to get your target audience.

When Dealing with competitions, one has to be careful in competing with the opposition party.  competitors are everywhere, whether you’re a startup owner or veteran, you need to know how to deal with competitors in business. It’s tempting for a marketer to believe that their product or service is the best in the world. The reality of the situation is that the public has many different options for the same product.

Your customers have the option to go wherever they want — and as a marketer, you must respect their freedom. The competition has to be taken seriously, and the marketer must always make an effort to stand out.

You have to be soft with your customers but wise in your dealings with other competitors. Never admin the thought that your customers will identify your product, one top secrete is “the moment you start to think your product ranks best in the market, from that moment onwards do you start to depreciate from the top ranking.” meaning: never be certified with your progress, always find a way to improve your services.


To run a successful business, it’s important to keep track of all activities within and outside the borders of your business, this routine must be carried out continuously and consciously, it won’t only help you to keep tracks of work progress but also helps you to know area lacking in the business and how to fix them quickly.  Tactical or strategic intelligence might be required to offer the information needed to correct or improve the effectiveness of a current operation.

Continuous work review also helps you in the competition phase of your business, sometimes competitors seize the advantage internal weakness to explore their rivals. These internal weaknesses may be little, some may pose little or no threat at all at the time, they can be very destructive if your competitors lay hold on them. Therefore, you need to double check everything that is associated with your business and services, this doesn’t exempt your workers.


Before introducing any product to the market, it’s important to make proper check or a test run maybe, to know the efficiency of what you are about to influence the society with. Many people practice before the putting their product out on sale. But the big question is how long did you test? There are a lot of product out today that are not performing to their expectations, they may be as a result of lack of understanding of the products but most of them actually didn’t meet with the expectations as mentioned during the adverts.

Reviewing your products will help you to keep track your services to customers, in your attempt to know how well your product is doing, you should consider making an underground research through your customers on how good your product or services pleases or meet with their demands, getting their feedback helps you to figure out the best tactical approach required to improvise and improve. Remember that your competitors most not know the displeasure in your product or else you might risk being at the losing end in future.

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