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Starting up a business with a good marketing reputation comes with its own pros and cons, although present day businesses have now better the approach to content management and presentations that have proven to work in resent years, these wasn’t two decades ago when logical human reasoning was required to cater for vast activities and service rendered by organizations, companies and firms.

In our current day of living, entrepreneurship as emerged as the driving force in the labour market, considering its powerful rise to the major source of employment all over the world, it has forced all attentions and study, unfailingly resulting have emerged and there is no other bigger secretes than STRATEGIC MARKETING.

Although social media have made marketing procedure simpler and quicker in outreach to unimaginable number of people, but strategy as one of the major tools of marketing goes wilder than just B2B emails, advertising companies, leads generations or the social media itself.

Marketing style often varies due to changes in the environment, uncertainty, economic periods, as well as social and political issues, have significantly influenced recent marketing conditions.

In many years of marketing practice, the most effective practitioners (x%) are those that sticks to the basic rules of marketing which was laid down by Philip Kotler of the Kellogg School of Management, here are the top three:


Starting up a business requires a pattern and course of which the business sails, Bob Wilson of stoney-wilson business consulting said “You need a destination and you need a map to get there,” that is the primary aim of all business plans. The reputation of a business always depends on the tactical analysis of the plan, a well planed business will always have room for misfortunes that might be encountered, SWOT analysis is the essential tool to this aspect of business strategy well analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of such business. In feature, a company business plan might be required by lenders, insurance companies, bonding companies for investment purposes, having a good business plan on ground makes investment suitable for potential investors.

A business plan helps the business owner to think through issues and understand problems. It’s the shorter-term plan 6-12 months — as compared to the longer-term strategy plan. The shorter term enables greater accuracy in completing the action steps to achieve the key initiatives, Wilson explains.


  1. Understanding your targeted audience and solving their problems:

Knowing the competition is an important component of a business strategy. In order to compete, you must understand what the competition is doing, these plays a vital role in modern day marketing, having a product or services developed on the bases of good market survey, quality questionnaires and customer opinions or feed backs helps in producing quality problems solving materials and providing (as the case maybe) a fore knowledge of a particular field or product. This help you to shea away from corporate competitive advantages or technology. having this in place, help you to have more time to interact with your costumer, analyze their problems accept their criticism, suggestions, evaluate their compliant then device a means to beat down the pricing and service levels of your competitors. With these you great a new approach to your proposed field.

  1. Build your brand promise that is delivered by everyone in your business network:

one thing is understanding your market, another is policy that guide your product, in this regards all employees and agents of your company including associates have to be trained and monitored so as to maintain the integrity of the product you produced and for then to meet with expectations. Transparency is also a watch world when going about this part of marketing strategy. Companies like Amazon, Ebay, Microsoft all have this as a major rule in their businesses, they all train their workers and all their channels are made to follow the company private policy. It also helps in gaining the trust of your potential customer. Knowing the competition is an important component of a business plan. In order to compete, you must understand what the competition is doing, such as pricing and service levels.

  1. Innovate continuously in your products and services:

For a company to maintain it strong hold for fortunes of years, it has to understand this universal marketing rule. The need for continuous growth has to be perpetual if your company must stay in the spot light. Changes made in the company’s product due to present demands or problems could only take care of current situations therefore drastic measures, materials and more thinking strength have to be put in place to take care of the future. This are measures that the founders of the world largest branding companies, Adolf Dassler (Adidas) and Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman (Nike) put in place when they started and it helped in keeping the supply chain alive. Love their prosperity? why don’t u do the same to your business.

This were the basic strategy Philip Kotler laid down, but that’s not all, there are more of which he made mention of, the above are the predominant and basic strategies practiced by the standing out companies of today.

the ultimate secret to online success for small and medium size business
The Ultimate Secret to Online Success for Small and Medium size Business

When most people begin any kind of business they seem to have a lot of expectations. They think the money will come rolling the moment they place their adds, get a webpage, or spend on advertising and a promotion campaign, etc. If you have a business you pretty much can tell that that is not necessarily the case. However, this particular article I am going to dedicate it to Internet business. I figure, you are online reading this article right now, maybe you may want to learn a little bit more about how to sell your products or services online.

By the way, don’t think because you are a construction worker for example, that the internet could not be of use to you. You get a little creative and you’ll be surprised with the ideas that can come about that could help you generate income online. But let’s continue with the article, shall we?

I am not going to deny the fact that a lot of profit can be generated in short periods of time. It has happened in the past and will keep happening in the future. There is an old saying, “There’s nothing more powerful than an idea who’s time has come!”

In other words, you can have a very lucrative idea, but the market is not ready for it, therefore you may end up loosing your investment just to find out months later that that very same idea becomes a huge success for someone else. Basically, being at the right place at the right time certainly helps. And you will ALWAYS be at the right place and the right time if you listen to your heart. To the guiding Spirit within.

Then off course, there is the other side of the coin. Having a great idea, being at the right place at the right time, but not being able to capitalize on it. Well, this is what this article is going to address. We are going to explore the reasons why people buy! And I am going to dissect each topic briefly so you can have a much deeper understanding as to how all of the following pieces of the puzzle fit together.

First, I am going to address the importance of the word VALUE. When you have something to offer where there is an open market for it, and more than likely there is a demand for your product, your efforts revolve around advertising. If what you are advertising is being offered by other businesses, then you have what is called competition. That being the case, you have to be able to create an urgency for people to buy from you, otherwise you could loose your potential customers to your competition, not because their’s are necessarily better. But because of the fact that not everyone buys on the first visit. Sometimes customers need a little bit of time before they make a decision. So if you already exposed them to what you have to offer and later on they see the same product on someone else’s site, they may be ready at that moment to purchase. They may end up ordering from someone else that product or service which you took the time to educate them in the first place.

Since internet surfers are what it’s called impulse buyers, you got to be prepared so that when a potential customer visits your site, she/he is ready to make the decision at that moment!

If you are advertising a videotape that teaches people how to market products online, you need to figure out ways to increase the “VALUE” of what you have to offer. You need to answer questions such as;

* Why is your video better than the rest?

* What is in your video that you feel would make someone say, “I want this!”

* What are they gaining from ordering? 

Since the beginning of time, marketing is all about figuring out ways to sell people on the idea that if they acquire whatever is you have to offer, they will “gain” something from it. If you have been subscribed to few newsletters and have read marketing articles, they summarize what I have just said in one word. BENEFITS. If from the very beginning you can point out what is it that your visitors will gain from your product or services, you increase dramatically the value of your product.

This is not the only way to add value to your product. But this is the best way to establish rapport and generate interest. So you must always begin by letting them know how your product or service is going to make them feel, or improve their life, or help them win, etc.

Once you have been able to add value to your product or service, honesty, integrity, and credibility play a very important role. Maybe right at the moment of purchase, depending on how much your asking price is, they may wonder, “how do I know this person knows what she’s talking about?”

So how do you add integrity? If you are an expert on something, can you tell me about your experience? Do you walk your talk? Does your site reflect what you talk about? For example, don’t go telling me how using frames and JAVA language can work against search engine placements and how bad they are for me, meanwhile, your site uses both, JAVA and frames. To me it means one of two things, you don’t know what you are talking about and therefore just passing along what others have told you, or there is something you know that you are not telling me.

Does that mean that if you do not have a great resume people wont buy from you? Absolutely NOT! Your resume could be your website. Here is what I mean, if someone visits your site and you don’t have a degree as a nutritionist, but your site is filled with very convincing articles and valuable information that shows that you know what you are talking about, that is enough to add credibility.

Let me take it one step further, if you create a very powerful sales letter, you can have your visitor so engaged in the information that she/he wont even bother to figure who you are, or what you do. However, to pull that off, you must offer a product that has great value, and if possible, money back guaranteed!

All you need to do is to come from a place of honesty and service, and as long as you can show credible ways in which your product will benefit your market, you should be able to sell your product(s) and/or service(s) online.

So you have something of value and you have been able to gain credibility. What can you do to add more substance to your product or service?

Let’s say you are giving a speech and want to quote an article regarding your subject matter which you have written on a piece of paper, if you hold the paper and read the words from it, it holds more credibility than if you were merely saying the words. Why that is? I don’t know. But that is just one of those interesting mysteries we come across every once in awhile.

So by having someone saying something positive about your product or service, it helps add credibility which in turn helps also increase the value of what you are offering.

What we have done so far is, we have strategically created leverage. We have given a solid foundation as to why people not only should, but must obtain whatever it is you are offering. Assuming that you are placing all these strategies in the RIGHT ORDER, positive results should be way within your reach.

So what makes people buy is:

* Value-Benefits (What am I gaining from this.)

* Value-Honesty (How do I know this is true.)

* Value-Endorsements (What others have to say about this.) 

Notice that I used the word “value” along with every example because value is what people consider before obtaining anything. Benefits, honesty and integrity as well as endorsements, even when each play a role in itself, they all have once thing in common. They “add value” to your product.

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developing a tactical strategy intelligence for your business on vulnerability

Developing a TACTICAL STRATEGY INTELLIGENCE FOR your business, no vulnerability

Strategic intelligence and tactical planning differ in several ways. When these two great pillars of business are augmented with each other it great a more solid and fertile ground for any business to flourish. Considering strategic intelligence as the widescreen view and tactical intelligence as one or more close-up views. Business leaders may find it helpful to understand the importance in aligning the both in a business differences in terms of overall purpose and scope.

Tactical intelligence is designed to deal basically with the present challenge or new innovation to a product. Meanwhile the company’s strategy intelligence is designed to be the driving force of the company in other words the strategy of a business is the power house of that business I.e strategy intelligence controls the long- and short-time goal, activities, banding and financial status of the business.

Tactical planning is such an important part of a company’s strategic planning process that management consulting companies are often hired to assist companies in preparing tactical plans. A company usually begins with its objectives and then develops strategies for how to carry out their objectives. Tactical plans are the specific action steps necessary to get instant results.

Below are some ways you can remove vulnerabilities in your business through tactical strategy intelligence:


When starting up a business, one of the first things that comes to your mind is putting-up a team or a back-room staff. Yea, no big deal isn’t it? But as simple as it sounds, so it proves difficult to accomplish, deep thought is required strategy is needed in selecting your workers.

If you haven’t yet hired multiple employees, take considerable time to distinguish what you want in a work team. normally, you’ll hire people who share the same perspective of work or idea as you do and who get excited about your services. In this case, You should write out a job description for each key position and keep that handy during the hiring process. Also, invite other team members to participate in the interview process and weigh in on whom you’ll hire next.

Start by knowing what you’re looking for. reviewing your organizational chart, functions and personnel can help you identify gaps between your current talent and missing skills. Consider both short-term openings and long-term needs, factoring in how company expansion, personnel changes or industry developments might affect your needs. For instance.

As you identify areas that require personnel, consider your hiring options. Do you need a full-time staff member, part-time employee, ongoing vendor or project contractor? Each has its pros and cons. Full-time staff bring long-term experience and loyalty, but can increase expense. Part-time employees offer flexible pay and hours, but may get hired away, and can complicate your benefits and tax liabilities.

Choose your most applicable option. As a rule of thumb, assign full-time employees to your company’s core strengths, and use additional personnel to fill out peripheral duties.


All businesses have its strength and weakness, in the world of business, strengths differ in individual businesses same are there weakness. In this case Strategic intelligence is most regarded for this task, though Tactical intelligence might be required in feature to solve current problems, strategic intelligence give you a long-term and short-term perspective on what may befall the company, organization or any business (as the case maybe) in feature. To strengthen your business, you have to identify the weakness or vulnerability.

When you have successfully identified the whoa in your business, then fall back to the staff you have employed, make proper examination on who will be perfect in that aspect. You have to be careful in your selections having in mind that this is the most vulnerable path of your business, an experienced hand is most required for the task. This must be done with serious supervision and continues checks, remember this is your business weaker foot, it must be guided jealously.

On the other hand, your business strength needs to be placed under continuous check. Balancing work input have to be prominent to avoid uneven development in the strength and weakness chart. Tactical intelligence Is largely advisable in your approach to solving this problem since it has to be built upon always. New and improved characteristics have to be added to the pre-existing plans. Tactical decisions now enable decision-makers to implement tasks and initiatives to take advantage of current opportunities and to redirect resources, as needed.


Starting-up a business had never been an easy task, a lot have to be catered for but the most important thing is to know your marketing, target audience and the level of competitions involved. Many promising businesses often die off shortly after they kicked off this may be due to improper planning, low funding among numerous options, never the less majority of these sudden collapse comes as a result of the entrepreneur not understanding his or her market and failing to figure out target market. To understand these, much research has to be made to keep you on track. On completing this vigorous exercise, you will be able to distinguish were and were not to venture into to get your target audience.

When Dealing with competitions, one has to be careful in competing with the opposition party.  competitors are everywhere, whether you’re a startup owner or veteran, you need to know how to deal with competitors in business. It’s tempting for a marketer to believe that their product or service is the best in the world. The reality of the situation is that the public has many different options for the same product.

Your customers have the option to go wherever they want — and as a marketer, you must respect their freedom. The competition has to be taken seriously, and the marketer must always make an effort to stand out.

You have to be soft with your customers but wise in your dealings with other competitors. Never admin the thought that your customers will identify your product, one top secrete is “the moment you start to think your product ranks best in the market, from that moment onwards do you start to depreciate from the top ranking.” meaning: never be certified with your progress, always find a way to improve your services.


To run a successful business, it’s important to keep track of all activities within and outside the borders of your business, this routine must be carried out continuously and consciously, it won’t only help you to keep tracks of work progress but also helps you to know area lacking in the business and how to fix them quickly.  Tactical or strategic intelligence might be required to offer the information needed to correct or improve the effectiveness of a current operation.

Continuous work review also helps you in the competition phase of your business, sometimes competitors seize the advantage internal weakness to explore their rivals. These internal weaknesses may be little, some may pose little or no threat at all at the time, they can be very destructive if your competitors lay hold on them. Therefore, you need to double check everything that is associated with your business and services, this doesn’t exempt your workers.


Before introducing any product to the market, it’s important to make proper check or a test run maybe, to know the efficiency of what you are about to influence the society with. Many people practice before the putting their product out on sale. But the big question is how long did you test? There are a lot of product out today that are not performing to their expectations, they may be as a result of lack of understanding of the products but most of them actually didn’t meet with the expectations as mentioned during the adverts.

Reviewing your products will help you to keep track your services to customers, in your attempt to know how well your product is doing, you should consider making an underground research through your customers on how good your product or services pleases or meet with their demands, getting their feedback helps you to figure out the best tactical approach required to improvise and improve. Remember that your competitors most not know the displeasure in your product or else you might risk being at the losing end in future.